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Reasons Your Gym Needs Security Cameras

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

In 2019, over 1 in 5 Americans belonged to at least one health club or studio in the US.


The mere presence of visible security cameras in your business is often enough to make a potential criminal think twice. Criminals will know that their actions will be caught on video and that footage turned over the police – increasing their chances of getting caught. You may even find that members will choose your gym over others because you are showing that you’re serious about the safety of your clients. Theft and safety are big concerns for any gym, no matter how big or small it may be. It can often be hard for staff to monitor every inch of gym property at all times but with a surveillance system, gym officials can keep an eye on the property to ensure no criminal activity is taking place. You can also keep an eye on your employees.


As more gyms are starting to stay open 24-hours a day their security cameras needs are increasing. A constant flow of people coming through the gym at all hours of the day and night leaves the property vulnerable to theft and the patrons are vulnerable to assault or injury. Thieves often target gyms because they know patrons leave their belongings in lockers or cars that can be easily broken into. In some cases patrons may even be attacked in gym parking lots during late night workout sessions. Surveillance systems can help to deter these crimes and keep patrons feeling safe.


Injuries are also known to occur at gyms. With amateur athletes using heavy, high-tech equipment there is a possibility that they may injure themselves. Unfortunately, in some rare cases patrons may sue the gym on the grounds that it is the gym’s fault they were injured. Surveillance footage of the injury may be used to prove that the gym was not at fault and could end up saving the gym thousands of dollars in legal fees and insurance claims. Gym officials can also use surveillance footage to monitor equipment use to judge which pieces of equipment are most popular or to identify possible safety hazards.


Privacy is always a concern when installing surveillance systems. For gyms we recommend placing cameras in full view of patrons and guests and announcing that security cameras are in place. This not only warns patrons but also scares away many potential criminals. Keep cameras in public areas such as entrances, lobbies and parking lots and out of private areas like locker rooms. Damage is also a concern, especially with best professional outdoor security cameras being used outdoors. Weatherproof and vandal-proof cameras should be used, especially for outdoor purposes.


Surveillance systems deter crime and help gym patrons to feel safe during their workout.

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